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Six-month dental checkups are significant in more ways than one. Things can change in that amount of time so that it’s important for your dentist to examine your mouth for signs of tooth decay or the beginnings of gum disease. Oral cancer screenings are usually done once a year to increase the odds of early detection.

Early detection is key for any form of oral health disease. As is so often the case, however, the initial indications that something is wrong can’t be seen by the naked eye. This is why communication between you and your dentist is essential, you may be feeling symptoms that he cannot see. X-ray technology is a successful diagnostic tool and innovative improvements have made the patient’s exposure to radiation minimal.

Your dentist should be made aware of any changes in your overall health. Are you taking any new medications or has the dosage of a regular prescription been increased? Many medicines both over the counter and those prescribed by your doctor, can have an adverse effect on your oral health.

Don’t forget the teeth cleaning that is part of every regular checkup. No matter how well you brush and floss at home you can’t expect to do as good a job as your dental hygienist can. And you can’t beat the fresh feeling that a professional cleaning can bring.

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