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Maintaining good oral health comes with the combination of home care and professional attention. The recommendation for the typical patient is that they come in for a checkup and teeth cleaning once every six months. Patients with periodontal disease will benefit from visits to their dentist and hygienist more often, usually at 3 or 4-month intervals. What can you expect to happen during a routine six-month exam and cleaning?

Before you see the dentist your hygienist will ask a few questions regarding any changes in the medications that you are taking, symptoms that you may be experiencing and any anxiety that you may be feeling. This is the time to share your concerns, don’t hold back.

Next comes the cleaning. You should expect that there may be a minimum buildup of plaque on your teeth no matter how carefully you have brushed and flossed since your last appointment. The hygienist will remove the plaque and floss between every tooth before polishing the tooth enamel to a smooth finish to help prevent further plaque buildup.

Your hygienist will do a preliminary check for any swelling or redness of the gum tissue and measure the space between your teeth and gums. If you are due for x-rays she will take them at this time.

Your dentist will then do a thorough exam, discuss his findings with you and recommend treatment if necessary.

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